FOLDA 2020

In 2020, FOLDA made the necessary leap to being a fully-digital festival running June 10 – 13. A festival in a moment of uprising, pandemic, reckoning, and change. It was also in 2020 that Adrienne Wong became the Artistic Director of SpiderWebShow. The Festival team produced FOLDA from home and live-streaming from closed venues working with artists across the country.


Introduction to Multi-Location Livestreaming using LiveLab

Talk to Me by Cellar Door Project

Myth and Infrastructure by Miwa Matreyek

CdnStudio Wrap Up

Field Notes from the Future, with Sea Sick’s Alanna Mitchell

May I Take Your Arm? by Red Dress Productions

HAVEN by Murdoch Schon and Angelica Schwartz

iskwē | ᐃᐢᑫᐧᐤ

This World Made Itself by Miwa Matreyek

PodPlays by Neworld Theatre

Digital Art Run

Shift: Re/making Multi-Sensory Theatre About Interdependence While Apart with Red Dress Productions

A Reason to Gather by The Chop

DIY Livestreaming with Mo Horner & Connor Price-Kelleher

Livestream 101 with Vijay Mathew

CdnStudio with Joel Adria

Create a World in Shadow Workshop by Miwa Matreyek

Accessibility in Online Presentations

The Green Rooms | National Arts Centre

Green Rooms Conversation #1: GRIEF

Green Rooms Conversation #2: ARTISTS, CLIMATE & COVID

Green Rooms Conversation #3: Leadership & Change

Green Rooms Conversation #4: Ecological Economy

Green Rooms Conversation #5: The Future

Green Rooms: Dance Like the Earth Is Watching w/ DJ Syrus Marcus Ware

Green Rooms: Co-Created Live Performance