Green Rooms Conversation #2: ARTISTS, CLIMATE & COVID from the NAC English Theatre

FOLDA 2020

Date —

June 11, 2020

Time —

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


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June 11 @ 4PM EDT (5PM ADT / 2PM MDT / 1PM PDT)


How Artists Respond: Climate Crisis

Speakers: Kendra Fanconi, Anthony Simpson-Pike, Ken Schwartz

Moderated by Kevin Matthew Wong

50 minutes

This panel conversation will feature theatre artists from Canada and the UK who have shown a commitment to addressing the climate crisis through their work – questioning their aesthetics and practices to better fight injustices, developing partnerships with scientists and various organizations, engaging with their community in new ways, and demanding systemic change. 

The Green Rooms is produced by English Theatre at the National Arts Centre and presented by FOLDA, in collaboration with the Canada Council for the Arts, The City of Kingston, The National Theatre School, and HowlRound Theatre Commons.

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