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Our Mission

The Festival of Live Digital Art (FOLDA) is produced by Spiderwebshow Performance.

FOLDA exists to support artists creating theatre in a digital age. Digital culture and its impact on other art forms moves quickly. From year to year FOLDA presents dynamic and changing answers to the question: Who are the professional artists creating live digital performance today and what are they up to?

Our Supporters

Spiderwebshow Performance acknowledges the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canadian Arts Presenters Fund), Canada Council for the Arts, the City of Kingston Arts Fund, The DAN School of Drama and Music and the Department of Film and Media at Queen’s University, and our venue partner: The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts.

We rely on donations and corporate sponsorships in order to be able to provide support and resources on a year round basis. You can donate by clicking here, or for sponsorship opportunities please email producer@spiderwebshow.ca

FOLDA History

FOLDA began in 2018 in Kingston, Ontario. It has grown each year since its inception and continues to seek new and innovative ways of supporting digital practice. We’ve grown quickly over the past 2 years and are grateful for the continued support of our audiences. 

The festival incorporates a three-stage iterative development model borrowed from software design to present and engage with these works:

ALPHA: Performances in their earliest stages, ready for internal testing, but require audience feedback to spark the next stage of development.

BETA: Performances ready for public testing to refine the audience experience.

GO: Performances ready for production release. Audience input contributes to improvements and bug fixes just like your favourite app.

This approach makes FOLDA unique by providing artists with creative opportunities that support work in various stages of development, matching the demands of how digitally-engaged performance is created. It allows presenters the opportunity to engage with and track work throughout their development process, offering more organic and informed partnerships to develop works beyond the festival. 

Examples of past work in the incubation stream can be found here

About SpiderWebShow

Not unlike the reaction caused by Bob Dylan strumming his fingers on electrified strings at Newport in 1965, SpiderWebShow (SWS) Performance challenges theatre makers to consider digital innovation even if it flies in the face of theatre defined as people gathered together in a room. The recent collective pivot to online technologies during the COVID-19 pandemic illustrates a readiness to embrace digital tools.

SWS Performance welcomes the digital shift, but we also interrogate these changes. We follow our curiosity about how the ubiquity of digital tools is changing human interaction, how artists create and what themes they choose to investigate, and whose voice and perspective is left out. 

We promote equity and inclusion in the cultural sector and beyond. We believe SWS Performance can not only trigger growth, but catalyze change through our work.

More info and past projects can be found here.

Meet our Team

Adrienne Wong Adrienne Wong Co-Curator, Artistic Director SWS
Andie Lloyd Andie Lloyd Associate Technical Director | Canada Summer Jobs
Andrea Lundy Andrea Lundy Production Manager
Clayton Baraniuk Clayton Baraniuk Accessibility Manager
Deborah Maitland Deborah Maitland Development Coordinator
Frank Donato Frank Donato Start Up Technician
Jaena Kim Jaena Kim Associate Producer | FOLDA
Jesse MacMillan Jesse MacMillan Technical Director
Laurel Green Laurel Green Associate Producer | Start Up
Margaret Evans Margaret Evans Festival Producer
Martin Jones Martin Jones Misson Control
Michael Wheeler Michael Wheeler Co-Curator, Director of Artistic Research SWS
Rebecca Ballarin Rebecca Ballarin Associate Producer | Start Up
Sarah Garton Stanley Sarah Garton Stanley Co-Curator, Executive Producer SWS
Steph Brown Steph Brown FOLDA Publicist
Tess Rederberg Tess Rederberg Digital Content Producer
Thomas Kirk Shannon Thomas Kirk Shannon Graphic Designer

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