About Us

The Festival of Live Digital Art (FOLDA) is produced by Spiderwebshow Performance.

Mission: Empowering the global community with boundary-pushing live digital artistry that transcends barriers and inspires profound connections.

Vision: To lead a revolution in live digital art, shaping a future defined by creativity and connection.

Brand Purpose: Through empowering live digital art experiences, we unite, provoke, and inspire.


2024 is the eighth FOLDA Festival. You can learn more about our past programming HERE.

Our Supporters

Spiderwebshow Performance acknowledges the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canadian Arts Presenters Fund), Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, the City of Kingston Arts Fund, the National Arts Centre, The DAN School of Drama and Music and the Department of Film and Media at Queen’s University, and our venue partner: The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts.

We rely on donations and corporate sponsorships in order to be able to provide support and resources on a year round basis.

You can donate by clicking here, or for sponsorship opportunities please email producer@spiderwebshow.ca


We aim to be an incubator for an emerging art form where audience feedback plays a key role throughout the creative process.

The festival incorporates a three-stage iterative development model borrowed from software design to present and engage with these works:

Works in ALPHA one year, can return to FOLDA as a GO the following year. Works in BETA can be picked up by other presenters to be GO at other festivals.

This approach makes FOLDA unique by providing artists with creative opportunities that support work in various stages of development, matching the demands of how digitally-engaged performance is created. It allows presenters the opportunity to engage with and track work throughout their development process, offering more organic and informed partnerships to develop works beyond the festival.

The Incubator page features some of the artists and work developed at FOLDA.

Meet our Team

Adrienne Wong Adrienne Wong Co-Curator, Artistic Director SWS
Michael Wheeler Michael Wheeler Co-Curator, Director of Artistic Research SWS
Marcel Stewart Marcel Stewart Co-Curator, Artistic Associate SWS
Margaret Evans Margaret Evans Festival Producer
Rose Hopkins Rose Hopkins Operations Coordinator
Haley Sarfeld Haley Sarfeld Marketing Manager
Andrea Lundy Andrea Lundy Production Manager
Jesse MacMillan Jesse MacMillan Technical Director
Martin Jones Martin Jones Misson Control
Clayton Baraniuk Clayton Baraniuk Access Manager

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