For detailed access information, content warnings, or to discuss an individual access plan or need, please contact Access Coordinator Bibi Imre-Millei at

The Festival of Live Digital Art is committed to improving accessible opportunities for all people to participate in a variety of events and performances at the festival. American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, transcription, and guide services will be offered for several components of the festival. Some performances are designated Relaxed Environments to welcome anyone who may not feel comfortable or able to participate because of conventional audience etiquette, expectations and participation restrictions. Large text is also available at request. Personal support workers and service animals are welcome at all events and performances. Some of the performances are flagged because they contain sensitive content, the details of this content will be made available upon request. Attendees are able to leave all performances as needed, and will be re-admitted.

For more information on performance-specific access, please visit the Schedule. Here, you can click on individual events to for more specific accessibility details.

SLACK communication: Festival communication is via the online tool and mobile app Slack. Slack is compatible with most screen readers. Read more about Slack’s accessibility here and here. You can also contact Bibi using the hashtag #accessibility for advance and day-of accessibility information.

Wheelchair accessible trolleys: Attendees will be transported to some of the locations via the trolleys. Please contact Bibi in advance to arrange wheelchair access.

Food restrictions and allergies: For Start-Up delegates, vegan and gluten free options are available.Please be sure to select these options when signing up, along with any other food restrictions or allergies. Please contact Madison Lymer at with information about any allergies. Our first aid kit is stocked with an epi-pen and milder allergy medication. Attendees are asked to also bring their own allergy medication.

Scent Reduced Environment: One of the ways we are making every effort to make this festival an accessible space for attendees and presenters is by providing a Scent Reduced environment to ensure that those Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and other allergies or medical conditions, do not face injury. We ask for your support and vigilance in supporting this. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a serious medical condition that is triggered by exposure to chemically and naturally scented products. Exposure to natural and chemical scents and fragrances can cause the following symptoms in individuals with MCS: headache, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, congestion, itching, sneezing, sore throat, chest pain, changes in heart rhythm, breathing problems including asthma-like conditions, muscle pain or stiffness, skin rashes, diarrhea, bloating, seizures, migraines, nosebleeds, vomiting confusion, trouble concentrating, memory problems, and mood changes. These symptoms can last for hours, days, even weeks after exposure.

You can help us create a Scent Reduced environmental in the following ways:

  • Please do not use colognes, perfumes, essential oils, scented body or hair care products including: deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair gel or mousse, creams, or lotions.
  • Please take a shower if you’ve used such products the day-before.
  • Please wash the clothes you intend to wear in scent-free detergent one or more times if you regularly use scented laundry products.
  • If you regularly use perfumes, colognes, scented oils, scented laundry detergents, or fabric softeners you will need to wash your clothes a number of times with vinegar and baking soda to remove the scent.
  • Please note that:
    • Products labelled “natural” are NOT scent-, fragrance-, or chemical-free.
    • Only products that are labelled scent and fragrance free, are scent and fragrance free.
    • Using even a little bit of scented product, or product with fragrance will impact individuals with MCS.

We recognize that transitioning to scent- and fragrance-free practices can take time, and that the transition can be confusing and prohibitive for cost, and other reasons. We also recognize that some individuals in our communities use scented products as part of their access needs. If either of these cases are true for you, please contact the access coordinator directly. You can find more information about scent reduction here

Access Protocols for The StartUp Series:

Volunteer Sighted Guides: Volunteer festival guides can be available to you for specific activities. They will assist with traversing around the venues and performances if you require some sighted support. Please contact Bibi to arrange this support.

Familiarization Visits: We invite you to come see the venues prior to attending events. Please contact Bibi to schedule a specific visit.

ASL Interpretation: ASL interpretation is available for events on Thursday June 13. Please contact Bibi for more details about this service..


Isabel Bader Centre: 390 Kingston Street W, Kingston

This venue has a wheelchair accessible entrance, washrooms that are accessible by wheelchairs with door assists, and elevators to get folks up and down levels. There are also stairs. The Box office and Bar both have roll up counters. Assistive listening devices are also available by request.

Accessible parking is available in front of the theatre, as well as in the parking lot next to the venue. There is a ramp to access stage door, and the main entrance is barrier free with door assists. Accessible washrooms are available throughout the building, including in the dressing rooms. Gender neutral washrooms are located the hallway behind the concert hall, please ask a staff member or volunteer for directions.

Studio Theatre, Isabel Bader Centre:

This venue is wheelchair accessible. There are up to 6 positions designated for wheelchair users. We recommend reserving wheelchair positions in advance by emailing Bibi directly. 

Concert Hall, Isabel Bader Centre:

This venue is wheelchair accessible. There are 14 positions designated for wheelchair users. There are also bariatric chairs (wider chairs) available. For more information visit The Isabel website.

Thousand Island Playhouse: 185 South St, Gananoque

Attendees will be transported to this location via the trolleys, if an accessible trolly is needed for a wheelchair user, Bibi should be contacted ahead of time so this trolly can be booked. This venue is accessible by wheelchair. There are washrooms accessible by wheelchair. Accessible parking is available next to the venue. For more information, visit the 1000 Islands Playhouse website.