Digital Resources: Taking the IRL to URL

April 20, 2020

SWS has learned a lot over the last 7 years about collaborating digitally across distance. We’ve experimented with online platforms that already exist and we’ve built our own, but most […]


May 24, 2024

Get tickets for June 15 events at: or email The Festival of Live Digital Art – or FOLDA- is a festival dedicated to the intersection of performance, art […]

Syphon! Virtual! Webcam!

June 30, 2021

Welcome to another mini resource! This short tutorial is for the usage of the Troikatronix application, Syphon Virtual Webcam. There a few ways that you can learn! You can watch […]

Installing Isadora Plug-Ins

Installing plugins As a new user of Isadora, you will quickly find that the community is an amazingly welcoming and warm place. This shows itself in many ways, including in […]

Isadora: live stream design for everyone

June 29, 2021

Isadora: the creativity server is a software that was created by Mark Coniglio, founder of Troika Ranch and Troikatronix. The Troikatronix team now spans across continents, with its main operations […]

Ethical Interfaces: an introduction to the world of small software

May 28, 2021

But if given the choice, wouldn’t you rather feel good about what digital spaces you and your audience are creating and participating in?

OBS Sources

May 21, 2020

Audio Input Capture The audio input source allows you to add a microphone to your stream/recording. If you do not have an audio input added to your scene, OBS will […]

OBS 101

May 14, 2020

OBS (Open Broadcast Software) is a free tool that we recommend using in tandem with other video design softwares in order to record and broadcast your work. It can be […]

Wavve: An Audio Captioning Tool

May 7, 2020

Wavve is an audio tool that allows you to take an audio file and convert it to an appealing video for social media. It also offers captioning! From their website, […]

Trello: The Online Filing Cabinet

April 20, 2020

Trello is a free platform that can function as a digital filing cabinet. It is easily organized and can be accessed by a team of users so it may help […]

DIY Multi-Camera Livestreaming

This page will walk you through a simple multi-camera livestream set-up that you can achieve from your home. All you need is: ONE: A stable WiFi connection TWO: 2-4 different […]

Zoom 101

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows for audio and video conferencing online. You can also use Facetime, Google Hangouts, or Skype but we’ve had the best luck with Zoom. […]

Slack 101

Slack is a collaborative messaging service that helps alleviate email fatigue, encourages digital collaboration, and clear communication between online teams. SWS has been relying on Slack to collaborate across distance since […]