Installing plugins

As a new user of Isadora, you will quickly find that the community is an amazingly welcoming and warm place. This shows itself in many ways, including in this incredible add-ons page, where you can discover plugins made both by the Isadora development team, and users around the world. I will recommend that you install just a few plugins, specifically for those hoping to use Isadora for online arts and performance. 

This part is a little bit complicated. Let’s download and install two Isadora actor plugins.

Download and install:

NDI Watcher

Screen Capture

Once you open the .zip folders, this will appear:

The “READ ME” file has some helpful instructions too.

Click into your respective OS folder. Don’t worry about the .scpt file, we’ll do it in a simpler way. 

Open Isadora, and locate your toolbar!

Roll over the “Help” option and locate the “Open Plugins Folder” option

Select “Troikatronix Actor Plugins” 

Now, simply drag the .izzyplug into the highlighted folder

If you’re on PC, you’ll need to check which file you need to bring over. Please consult the “READ ME” inside the plugin folder!

Once the file is in your plugin folder, you’ll need to quit and restart Isadora. 

The plugin should now be available in your scene editor. Please check by double clicking in your scene editor (that’s the big empty grey space), and type the plugin name and see if it appears!

Now, repeat the process with the second plugin!