Wavve is an audio tool that allows you to take an audio file and convert it to an appealing video for social media. It also offers captioning! From their website, “Wavve gives you the power to leverage the audio content to create social videos that drive more reach & engagement around your brand & content”.

If you’ve ever seen our new captioned Thought Residencies, our secret is out! Our awesome associate Tia Lunn uses Waave to caption and add visuals to the audio file.


Waave offers four different pricing packages: 

Free: Customize your own design, create 1 minute of video monthly, and wavve branding included in videos

Alpha: Generate 10 minutes of video a month, Rollover up to 20 minutes of unused time, No Wavve branding on videos

Beta: Generate up to 30 minutes of video per month, Rollover up to 60 minutes of unused time

Gamma: Generate 300 minutes of video per month, 48 Minute clip length


STEP ONE: Go to https://wavve.co/ and sign-up! 

STEP TWO: Select the first design UNDER DESIGN and select “EDIT DESIGN”. Here you can add a “waveform”, or a visual representation of an audio file. Along with adding waveforms, you can also add progress bars and format videos specially for phone screens.

STEP THREE: Now you will automatically return to the create page and scroll down to “YOUR AUDIO” and select “UPLOAD NOW” and upload the audio file. Then select GENERATE VIDEO. 

STEP FOUR: Find your video (should be the most recent on the list) and select ADD CAPTIONS.

STEP FIVE: On the next page, select CREATE TRANSCRIPT. 

STEP SIX: Be sure to edit the captions to ensure there is the correct spelling and phrasing and timing. You can also select a font style for captions. 

STEP SEVEN: Download this finished video for socials. TIP: it’s a good idea to archive your videos for reference/visual continuity.