FOLDA 2023

Wednesday June 7 – Saturday June 10, 2023


Scored in Silence —ALPHA

 by Chisato Minamimura

Scored in Silence is a solo sign language performance by London-based Deaf Japanese artist Chisato Minamimura unpacking the hidden perspectives of Deaf people from the small number that survived the horrors of the atomic bomb atrocity in Japan in 1945.

Through My Lens —ALPHA

 by Amy Amantea with Theatre Replacement

Through My Lens is an interdisciplinary performance that brings Amantea’s life experiences into one space and shares with audiences what it is to live with blindness. The audience will act as Amantea’s “eyes”, describing her photos —which have never been seen by her — back to her. This interaction will open up a new realm of perception: a reciprocal collision of the visual and non-visual experience.

asses.masses — BETA

By Patrick Blenkarn and Milton Lim

Donkeys, labour, technophobia, and sharing the load of revolution: asses.masses is a 7+ hour video game designed to be played from beginning to end by a live audience.  Told across 10 episodes and a wide range of game forms, the show follows the epic journey of unemployed asses as they navigate the perils of a post-Industrial society in which they’ve been made redundant.


By Beau Dixon and Linda Garneau

HOME is physical, expressionistic exploration of Dixon’s response to a home invasion. Incorporating, movement, sound, and projections, this BETA stage of development of the piece moved further into the senses and emotions associated with PTSD as well as the loss of identity and the struggle to maintain a sense of ‘HOME’.

Intercomplementary Elements —ALPHA

By Erin Ball, Maxime Beauregard and collaborators

This Disability-led show was a testing phase for some of the accessibility elements of this queer circus love story incorporating aerial arts, clowning and dancing.

The StartUp

A cross-disciplinary workshop series for artists, cultural workers, and tech workers interested in applying digital tech in live performance.

Robotics in Live Performance

Led by Michael Wheeler and Shaza Kaoud

A hands-on introduction to the basic use of ROS and running a robot in a simulation.

Artificial Intelligence in Live Performance

Led by Adrienne Wong with Xianzhi Jason Li

Introduction to text-to-image models and music generation models. This workshop combines theoretical and practical learning to create AI-
assisted performance assets

Exploring Physical Sound from a D/deaf Perspective

Led by Chisato Minimamura

Deaf-led bespoke workshop for participants who are deaf and/or hearing exploring: movement, physical and sensory expression.

Motion Capture in Live Performance

Led by Marcel Stewart and Aaron Best

An introduction to motion capture using both the VICON system and the XSENS suit. This workshop will focus on the uses applicable to live performance versus the many recorded outputs.

How To Be A Sighted Guide

Led by Amy Amantea and Gail Ritter

Participants will learn basic skills for guiding and assisting people who are blind and partially sighted in everyday situations.

Virtual Reality IRL/URL Creation Mob

Hosted by Kingston Theatre Alliance and Spiderwebshow Performance

Join a VR flash-mob that brings twenty creators together first physically, and
then virtually, to create original artwork connected to one another.