Myth and Infrastructure by Miwa Matreyek

FOLDA 2020

Date —

June 10, 2020

Time —

10:30 PM - 11:00 PM

Location —



Watch at folda.ca/livestream or the SpiderWebShow Facebook page

June 10 @ 10:30PM EDT (11:30PM ADT / 8:30PM MDT / 7:30PM PDT)


Myth and Infrastructure (2010)

Enter multimedia artist Miwa Matreyek’s ambient oasis as she combines animation, shadow play and entrancing music to take audiences on a dream-like voyage in Myth and Infrastructure. Using her body as an anchor, Matreyek stretches, bends and transforms her own silhouette to trace a fantastical and surreal journey through time that transverses oceanscapes, cityscapes, and other familiar terrain.

Myth and Infrastructure was created in 2010 with a Special Projects Grant by the Princess Grace Foundation and Seed Grant by Under the Radar Festival and Association of Performing Arts Presenters.

Original music by Anna Oxygen, Caroline, and Mileece

Additional music by Mirah

Two of Matreyek’s other critically-acclaimed works, This World Made Itself and Infinitely Yours will also be presented at this year’s FOLDA.