Infinitely Yours by Miwa Matreyek

FOLDA 2020

Date —

June 13, 2020

Time —

10:30 PM - 11:00 PM

Location —



Watch at folda.ca/livestream or the SpiderWebShow Facebook page

June 13 @ 10:30 EDT (11:30PM ADT / 8:30PM MDT / 7:30PM PDT)


Infinitely Yours by Miwa Matreyek is an emotional, dream-like meditation on climate catastrophe and the Anthropocene — the proposed current era where human influence has affected almost all realms of earth’s natural systems. Miwa’s shadow traverses macro and micro scales, as her silhouette shape-shifts to experience the world from various perspectives, the creator, destroyer, and the destroyed. An earth overflowing with trash. A person drowning in a plastic-filled ocean. A school of fish caught in a net. The work is an emotionally impactful, embodied illustration of the news headlines we see every day, and the complex harm humanity causes to the world — and what it might mean for all of us; humanity, as well as other life, and the earth itself — to be living in this changing world.

Created and performed by Miwa Matreyek

All music for Infinitely Yours composed, recorded and performed by Morgan Sorne http://www.sorne.com/

Created with support from Special Projects Grant by Princess Grace Foundation

Two of Matreyek’s other critically-acclaimed works, Myth and Infrastructure and This World Made Itself will also be presented at this year’s FOLDA.