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Facing the Street by Swamp Ward & Inner History Project

Facing the Street Chris Miner and Laura Murray Swamp Ward and Inner Harbour History Project (SWIHHP),, Laura Murray Director. Through family photographs generously shared, the photo exhibit Facing the Street brings some former inhabitants of the Swamp Ward among us again so we can contemplate our relationship to each other and to this place.

Ambrose by Single Thread Theatre

Ambrose by Single Thread Theatre KINGSTON, ON In December 1919, theatre tycoon and self-made millionaire Ambrose Small sold all of his theatres. The next day, he disappeared. This mystery is explored as audiences go behind the curtains of The Grand Theatre, prompted by digital beacons that tell the untold story.


Symphonova (in collaboration with the Dan School of Drama & Music at Queen's and SpiderWebShow) LONDON, UK The Symphonova is an ensemble of soloists led by a conductor using digital technologies to create a full symphonic sound and experience anywhere. Inventor, conductor and music technologist, Shelley Katz presents the Symphonova vision and explains some of […]

Something Bigger by XO Secret

Something Bigger by XO Secret Something Bigger explores connection in an ambiguous public space. Strangers come together for an unlikely rendezvous in Cataraqui Centre, the largest mall in south-eastern Ontario. Guided by an app, the group navigates loss and absence, and our collective desire to understand our lives as part of something bigger.


B-Rich KINGSTON, ON In 2013, Kingston native Brendan Richmond, AKA B Rich, created a viral sensation with his hoser comedy song “Out For a Rip”, a video that now has more that 13 Million views on YouTube. Join the hometown heroes in the immaculate Isabel Bader Concert Hall for an experience audiences have been waiting […]

Violette by Joe Jack and John

Joe Jack and John is a theatre company that produces original multidisciplinary shows combining video, dance, spoken word, and bilingualism. Our artistic approach foregrounds the figure of the antihero by integrating performers often perceived as such by society, such as professional actors with an intellectual disability or from diverse cultural backgrounds. We favour devised creation […]

Pathetic Fallacy by Anita Rochon

Pathetic Fallacy by Anita Rochon (co-presented by The Chop & SpiderWebShow) Livestreamed from VANCOUVER, BC. Livestreamed from Vancouver and set against a temperamental TV forecaster’s green screen, this work-in-development looks at a changing relationship to weather. Landscape painting, meteorological science and pathetic fallacy — the attribution of human feelings and responses to inanimate things, like […]

Chemical Valley Project by Broadleaf Theatre

Two siblings, Vanessa and Lindsay Gray, have dedicated themselves to protecting the land and water of Aamjiwnaang, an Indigenous community of 800 residents, from being smothered by Canada’s petrochemical industry. The chemicals produced by the 57 petrochemical factories that surround their community are known to have a devastating impact on the health and well-being of […]