FOLDA 2018

Date —

June 20, 2018

Time —

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM


In 2013, Kingston native Brendan Richmond, AKA B Rich, created a viral sensation with his hoser comedy song “Out For a Rip”, a video that now has more that 13 Million views on YouTube. Join the hometown heroes in the immaculate Isabel Bader Concert Hall for an experience audiences have been waiting for.

B.RICH (AKA Friggin’ Buddy) has, like, fer’ sure made his mark in the Great White North. Nearly 20 years into the game as a hoser rapper, a blast of unexpected success following the Youtube explosion of his song “OUT FOR A RIP” gave friggin’ buddy a much needed kick in the pants, and the adventure began. Along with his RIP co-star, longtime BFF, and life coach Steve Snarfwell, The past 5 years have been a whirlwind of bizarre d-list Canadian (internet) celebrity adventures… the boys dropped a couple weird as hell sports themed video collabs with TSN, landed a beard oil endorsement & released their own friggin’ beer… oh yeah… and that one time the boys got into a bit of a public beef with a Cola company that they can’t talk about anymore. On the touring front, with the addition of inimitable hype man Dinky Snarfwell, and local super producer Chuck Danger, the boys have honed the live show into one wild and weird “concert” experience. Not quite a rap show, not quite a comedy show, always a time.