Virtual Reality IRL/URL Creation Mob

Start Up

Date —

June 10, 2023

Time —

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Virtual Reality IRL/URL Creation Mob

with the Kingston Theatre Alliance and SpiderWebShow Performance, facilitated by Seymour Irons

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We have combined forces with our partners to secure 20 individual Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headsets and 20 individual spaces in the same building to use them. This workshop will begin with participants meeting in-person, discussing the artistic frame work, tools, and protocols for working in VR.

Participants will then each go to their own personal location to enter the creative space in VR and collaborate virtually with the artists they had just met physically.* After a maximum of an hour in VR, we will return to discuss the creative process, in-person as a group.

* We have a goal of figuring out how to include live DJs in the creative space. Feasibility TBD.