FOLDA 2021

Date —

June 9, 2021

Time —

9:00 PM - 9:45 PM

Location —


Katharsis by Yvette Nolan

Wednesday, June 9 at 9:00PM EDT (10PM ADT / 7PM MDT / 6PM PDT)

ASL Interpretation provided by Deaf Spectrum

A love letter to the empty theatre.


Warriors returning from battle 

used to have to go through purification rituals 

before they could rejoin their communities. 

What ceremony will allow us to gather again? 


A specially commissioned short play, created for and filmed in an empty theatre, Katharsis is a marking of this period when our theatre is in waiting. 


Audiences can participate in the performance by submitting their own love letter to the theatre:

℅  Adrienne Wong

PO Box 4793

Banff AB  T1L 1G1


*Please note: Katharsis is a 17-minute film and will be followed by a conversation between playwright Yvette Nolan and director Thomas Morgan Jones. The playwright and director will talk about the impetus for making this piece, and share some of your letters.


From the playwright:
I am a theatre rat, not a filmmaker. But the opportunity to write for an actor, in a theatre, and then have that story transmitted to the world through another medium, is enough of a lifeline to keep me connected.

We have always used the theatre to work things out, together. Even though we are not in the same physical space, we can come together in the virtual space, and watch the actor in the physical space, and perhaps begin to work out some of these recent events that have separated us from each other.


A Prairie Theatre Exchange Production



Playwright: Yvette Nolan

Featuring: Tracey Nepinak

Director: Thomas Morgan Jones

Original Music & Sound Design: MJ Dandeneau

Lighting Design: Ksenia Broda-Milian

Stage Managers: Leslie Watson & Wayne Buss!

Associate Artist: Katie German

Ice River Films

Film Director: Sam Vint

Cameraperson/Producer: Sam Karney

Cameraperson/Producer/Editor: Andrew Weins



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