Field Notes from the Future, with Sea Sick’s Alanna Mitchell

FOLDA 2020

Date —

June 11, 2020

Time —

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

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Watch at or the SpiderWebShow Facebook page

June 11 @ 7:30PM EDT (8:30PM ADT / 5:30PM MDT / 4:30PM PDT)


Edinburgh Fringe favourite Sea Sick by award-winning Canadian journalist Alanna Mitchell is back – with a twist.

The virtual manifestation of the critically-acclaimed show builds on Mitchell’s final thoughts from the original production:

Adapt and survive. It’s the essence of Darwin’s teachings and our species is really good at it. Write a new ending. Live to tell another tale.

Who could have predicted that six years after Sea Sick‘s premiere at Toronto’s Theatre Centre, a global pandemic would immediately shift the world’s priorities? With economic downturn and #StayAtHome compounding the shift, what new opportunities and pathways can we create to move forward in the fight against climate change?

Join Alanna as she brings her infectious curiosity, subtle art of the interview and special guests to this riveting take on how we can collectively adapt to survive.

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Produced by The Theatre Centre, with Luminato Festival Toronto & PuSh Festival

Presented by FOLDA.