Field Notes from the Future, with Sea Sick’s Alanna Mitchell


Date —

June 11, 2020

Time —

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Location —


June 11 @ 7:30PM EDT (8:30PM ADT / 5:30PM MDT / 4:30PM PDT)

Alanna Mitchell’s Sea Sick, which premiered at The Theatre Centre in 2014, ends with a declaration: “Adapt and survive. It’s the essence of Darwin’s teachings and our species is really good at it. Write a new ending. Live to tell another tale.” Who could have known that in 2020, humanity’s new ending would begin with a global pandemic, economic shutdowns, and the hashtag #StayAtHome? As Alanna would say, “this is a very unusual time in the planet’s history”.

How do we solve the earth’s carbon crisis, and what new pathways forward have been made possible by the pandemic?

With Field Notes from the Future, award-winning science journalist Alanna Mitchell brings her insatiable curiosity, the art of the interview, and some special guests to the table as we work collectively to adapt and survive.

The question is urgent, the opportunity is now.

Produced by The Theatre Centre, with Luminato Festival Toronto & PuSh Festival

Presented by FOLDA.