Create a World in Shadow Workshop by Miwa Matreyek

FOLDA 2020

Date —

June 9, 2020

Time —

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

June 9 @ 4PM EDT (5PM ADT / 2PM MDT / 1PM PDT)

A family-friendly, hands-on workshop led by Animator and Multimedia Artist Miwa Matreyek.

Join Miwa as she leads you through a workshop to create a whole new world out of things you can find around the house! After the workshop, Miwa will do a short demonstration of her own animation to help spark more creative ideas for you to try at home.

What You Need:
Because you’ll be playing with light and shadow, it’s important for you to be in a place that you can make dark (i.e. turn the lights off or close curtains) easily. The best light sources for workshop are flashlights, bike lights and the light on a smartphone – these will make very crisp shadows, especially when you hold an object near the screen.

Test Your Shadow:
Before the workshop, you can test your options by pointing your light source towards a wall and putting your hand in front of it. Now, move your hand from the wall towards the light source. When you move the hand towards the light source, it should make a “sharp” (non blurry) shadow. If it doesn’t, try moving your light source closer to the wall or, find a stronger light source.

Things to Prepare:
– light source (see above)
– thick paper (like a manila envelop or folder)
– scissors
– tape
– white or light coloured fabric

This workshop is appropriate for all ages with the help of a creative adult partner to help set up. We think this workshop will likely be the most engaging for ages 7+. 

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