Create a World in Shadow Workshop by Miwa Matreyek

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Date —

June 9, 2020

Time —

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


June 9 @ 4PM EDT (5PM ADT / 2PM MDT / 1PM PDT)

Family-friendly, hands-on workshop with animator and artist Miwa Matreyek.

In this workshop, we will make a simple paper puppet character, then create a whole world out of things we might find around the house or outside, like plants, household objects, toys, and making additional paper cutouts. Miwa will lead the participants in their world-building, then show a short prepared demonstration of her own to encourage further exploration of ideas and approaches at home.

Because we are playing with light and shadow, it would be great for the workshop to take place at home in a darkened room. Please look through your light options ahead of time. Most lightbulbs these days don’t make a clean shadow, because they are frosted (you can’t see the filament inside the bulb) or it’s the spiral energy saving kind. Some suggestions for light sources you might have at home that works decently are flashlights, bike lights, and the light on a smartphone – these will make a very crisp shadow if the object is near the screen. You can your options test simply by directing the light towards a wall, and putting your hand in front of it. As you move the hand away from the wall, does it get blurry, or leave a mostly sharp shadow? You want to select the lights that make the clearest shadow, even at various size of shadow.

Things to prepare
– light source (as described above)
– paper (thicker paper, like a manila folder)
– scissors
– tape
– white or light coloured fabric

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