Box 4901 (Toronto, ON)

FOLDA 2019

Date —

June 15, 2019

Time —

8:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Location —

The Isabel – Power Corporation of Canada Studio Theatre


In 1992, novelist Brian Francis placed a personals ad in the newspaper. He received a number of responses but there were 13 letters he never responded to. Now, 26 years later, Brian has written replies to those letters. Featuring a cast of 13 local queer actors, Box 4901 is a hilarious, strange, sweet and awkward look back at how gay men used to connect.


Written and Performed by Brian Francis

Directed and Co-Created by Rob Kempson

Produced by Stacey Norton

Lighting Design by Cosette Pin

Sound Design by Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski

Photo Credits Henry Chan

Tickets $20 / $15 or included when you purchase a pass valid for June 15th