Collider is an ongoing research & development process in virtual reality theatre, led by Single Thread XR. This is a recording of Collider’s first workshop presentation. It was co-presented at Upintheair Theatre’s rEvolver festival and SpiderWebShow Performance’s StartUp from May 28th – June 5th, 2021.


Created by The Collider Team

Nita Bowerman, Ensemble
Shelby Bushell, Assistant Director
Howard Dai, Ensemble
Alex Dault, Technical Director
Sydney Doberstein, Ensemble
Joshua Doerksen, Sound Designer/Musician
Charles Douglas, Ensemble
Nicole Eun-Ju Bell, Ensemble
Stephanie Fung, Ensemble
Liam Karry, Co Artistic Lead

Kristen Leboeuf, Head of Marketing
Kaelyn Lindquist, Senior Developer
Chloe Payne, Co Artistic Lead
Jake Runeckles, Producer

Produced by Single Thread Theatre Company