Artist Talks

Artist Talks

The StartUp 2022 featured a series of mini panels and artist interviews that introduce you to the work, perspectives, and preoccupations of the community of artists who have participated in FOLDA over the years.

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Personal Biography in Performance
A conversation with Tanya Marquardt, Marcel Stewart, and Aaron Collier about the influence of personal biography within their art practice. The artists reflect on the process and journey of integrating biographical elements into their work.

Creating in the Climate Catastrophe
A conversation with Anita Rochon and Kris Nelson about making art during the climate catastrophe. Considering how our art practice can be more sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Artist Interview
Selfconscious Productions (Clayton Lee and Michael Rubenfeld), Ways of Being

Artist Interview
Amy Amantea, Through My Lens

Artist Interview
A conversation with Christine Quintana about her play “Selfie” and its performance in FOLDA 2022. Christine discusses the impacts of technology and how it influences her work as an playwright.

Changing Work Culture for Artists
A conversation with JD Derbyshire and Beth Kates about approaching work with care. The artists reflect on how individuals can begin to incorporate care into their artistic practice.

3D Sensibilities in 2D
A conversation with Thaddeus Phillips, Miwa Matreyek, and Anna Camilleri about mixing mediums, visual storytelling and digital spaces. An analysis of how each artist translates or understands theatre when coming from another discipline.

The Maydee Box Live Demo
Rebecca Cuddy and Murdoch Schon

A demonstration of this ALPHA-stage augmented reality installation. Cuddy will speak to the impetus for creating the work, her vision for future stages, and the challenges of moving between disciplines. 

NOTE: FOLDA has an interactive curation model. ALPHA-stage performances are in their earliest form, and require audience feedback to spark the next stage of development.


These events are possible thanks to the support of Canadian Heritage.