Thought Residencies

Starting in 2013, one Canadian artist per month has recorded a 30-second thought every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Now in 2021, FOLDA welcomes a new generation of thinkers, thinking in new ways, on new platforms.

Welcome to the NEW Thought Residencies at FOLDA!

Launched in 2014, The Thought Residency was one of the first ongoing projects at SpiderWebShow. And FOLDA is the biggest… and since it started, in 2018, a lot has changed. So…put all that in a blender and shake!

Another perfect cocktail for change. In the fall of 2020, in collaboration with Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, we launched the Class of 2020. DM was first out of the blocks in September and together we determined that until the end of 2020 it would be a “pass the baton” curatorial approach. DM suggested someone for October, Tsholo Khalema suggested for November, Shaista Latif suggested for December and when Faye Daydream brought us to month’s end… DM and Tsholo came back to blast us out of 2020 with a New Year’s Collaboration. (Click here to check out the Class of 2020, or to go back to “the before times”.)

After the Class of 2020, and in particular Tsholo and DM’s year-end collaboration, I wrestled with the “what nows?”. In conversation with Adrienne Wong, I realized that a single thinker at the height of isolation was not nearly as compelling as finding ways to think together. And at a moment where TikTok was speaking in all kinds of performance languages, we decided to jump into the new.

Enter Theatre Direct’s Associate Artistic Director, Sehar Bhojani and Associate Producer, Madeleine Brown to curate a brand new series of TikTok Thoughts created especially for FOLDA. Released throughout the festival from June 11-13 and searchable on TikTok, I hope you will check them out. 

It has been a ride. Can’t wait to see what the future holds

Sarah Garton Stanley
Curator/Creator, Thought Residencies
Executive Producer, SpiderWebShow