Innovation Residency: Beau Dixon

FOLDA 2021

Date —

June 12, 2021

Time —

12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Innovation Residency: Beau Dixon

Saturday June 12 4:00PM EST

The Innovation Residency is an opportunity for an established professional artist to experiment with an idea or concept that involves adding a new digital technology to their practice. Over the course of one week, early research and creation is supported in exploratory rehearsals and investigation.

Beau Dixon is a multi-talented artist who has been impacting Canadian theatre as a playwright, actor, sound designer, musician, and musical director. During the pandemic, like many artists he had to experiment with digital performance techniques by live-streaming his own show. This led Beau to the work he is beginning now as part of the residency – creating a live work that is created specifically to be experienced as a broadcast and informed by sound and movement he is investigating with choreographer Linda Garneau. The core principal of the residency is to provide established artists considering digital adaptation or integration the space and resources to investigate their impluse and we’re excited to see where they go with it.

from SpiderWebShow on Vimeo.