Good Things to Do



June 21, 2018


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Performance @ Rehearsal Hall, The Isabel

Somewhere between awake and asleep, you are summoned to receive a special message from a forgotten old friend. Using a delicate physical environment, a live soundscape, and an unexpected use of technology, participants are invited to centre themselves within a dreamscape in which they possess extraordinary powers. An immersive and solitary experience, Good Things To Do is a meditation on goodness, generosity, and the struggle to stay soft in a world that asks us to be hard.

Good Things Collective (Coast Salish land, Vancouver)

Created and facilitated by Siminovitch Protégé Prize winning playwright Christine Quintana and Georgia Straight’s ‘One To Watch’, musician Molly MacKinnon. (Vancouver)

Project Initiated by Christine Quintana

With Collaboration from Molly MacKinnon, Sam MacKinnon, Mischelle Cuttler

Photo by Christine Quintana

Illustration by Sam MacKinnon

Computers generously provided by Free Geek Vancouver