The Digital Run Project (5k)



June 13, 2019


7:30 AM - 8:30 AM


Various Locations in Downtown Kingston


June 13, 2019 - 7:30 AM Various Locations in Downtown Kingston


If it doesn’t happen on Strava, did it happen in real life?

The foldA Digital Run Project is for everyone: Let’s explore some real and virtual realities with our running shoes laced up!

Who should join? Anyone! Do you prefer to run solo? With a group? Early in the morning? Late at night? During a lunch break? With music? Without music? It doesn’t matter because you can run any way you want! You can even walk!

Join us to run this segment as many times as you like during the four days of the festival: June 12-15, 2019. 

Organized Runs: Group runs aren’t for everyone, but we sure love them! It’s a chance for people of all paces to join and run at the same time. We will always have a leader and someone at the back of every run to ensure no one is left behind. Check out our Upcoming Club Events on Strava and click “I’m In” to join.

Group Run Times

  • Thursday June 13 @ 7:30AM
  • Friday June 14 @ 7:30AM
  • Friday June 14 @ 4:30PM
  • Saturday June 15 @ 7:30AM
  • Saturday June 15 @ 5:30PM
  • But you can also participate in the Digital Run Project anytime between June 12-15 on your own!


Important Joining Instructions:

  1. Join Strava and make a Profile (
  2. Join the foldA Run Club
  3. Save the Segment in your profile


Important Running instructions:

  1. Before you begin your run at King St and Morten Way, start your Strava app by hitting the “record” button” (note: the segment can be recorded using the Strava App as your GPS or by a personal GPS watch linked to your Strava Account)
  2. Run the segment on foldA profile
  3. Give yourself  “Kudos” for completing the 5km segment


Post Run Fun:

  1. Visit the Isabel Bader Lobby to enjoy a complimentary post-run refuel of electrolytes at the foldA registration table.
  2. Send other participants kudos by liking their runs on the Strava foldA Run Club


The Official Route:

  • Starting Location: On King St. at Morten Way
  • Run on the north side (sidewalk) on King and cross south at Beverley to enter the Waterfront Path.
  • Following the path along the lake (around the Heli pad) to Emily Street and jog up to King Street for a hot second and back down to the path on Simcoe Street.
  • Follow the winding path as it ends at Lower Union Street- but wait, you are not done yet—
  • Go up Lower Union to the tiny park on the right (Navy Memorial Park). 
  • At the end of the tiny park, turn around and do it all over again and end back at King St and Morten Way.
  • BAM, 5k- done and dusted!

If you have any questions of concerns, please contact Stacey Norton at

By joining the foldA Digital Run Project you acknowledge that participating in a running/walking event is potentially hazardous activity, which could cause injury or death. You are participating with your own free will and are solely responsible for your liability.



  1. Is there a place to securely store a bag during the run? Yes, but only for group runs.  You can drop off your bag at the foldA’s registration table at the Isabel Bader. Please let them know you are a part of the Digital Run Club and will be back in a jiffy.
  2. I am new to running and not sure this is the right fit for me? Am I able to join group runs if I want to walk part of the course at any time? Of course you can! All paces and abilities are welcome! We just ask you to arrive on time and in running attire (safe shoes, weather-appropriate clothes and hydration if needed).
  3. Do I have to join a group run to participate in the online segment challenge? Though we would love to meet you, you don’t have to join any group runs if you don’t want to. If we see you on the course, we might try and high five you though!!
  4. Will the course be marked on the path? Good question! There will be sidewalk chalk marking the way. If it doesn’t rain on it, and wash it away. 
  5. I don’t have a GPS watch, can I still participate? Yes, download the “Strava” app (it’s free) and make a profile. From there you can record your runs using the app as your GPS.
  6. Help, my watch/phone died, will my segment count? Sadly, no, the segment only tracks live data. If you have technical issues, it won’t show up in your profile. 
  7. How do I link my smartwatch/GPS watch with Strava? Please refer to this guide in order to sync your device with Strava
  8. Where can I see my segments completed? You can see your completed segments on your personal Strava profile and on the foldA Strava group
  9. Is there a washroom available? All are welcome to use the washroom at the Isabel Bader during operating hours.