Facing the Street



June 20, 2018


5:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Performance @ Swamp Ward, Kingston

The land beneath us, the houses we live in, and the streets we walk on, were home to others before us. And they will be home to others after us. Most of these people we will never know. Facing the Street aims to bring among us just a few of our predecessors through family photographs generously shared. Like us, these people had good days and bad days, cold days and hot days, festive days and lonely days. Introduce yourselves to them. Imagine what you would talk about. And imagine what you would talk about with people in the future walking these same streets.

In the streets of the Swamp Ward, we present photographs at the locations they were taken. In the Elm Café, we offer conversation between captions and photographs in a more intimate environment.

Photographers are largely unknown

Curated by Laura Murray and Chris Miner

Project Manager is Anne Lougheed

Funded by the City of Kingston Heritage Fund. Thanks also to the Friends of Kingston Inner Harbour, the Elm Café, and the Skeleton Park Arts Festival.

About The Swamp Ward and Inner Harbour History Project

The Swamp Ward and Inner Harbour History Project (Laura Murray, Director) documents and shares the twentieth-century history of two of the oldest areas of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Here were factories, train tracks, docks, churches, homes, back alleys and yes, swamps. Through archival research and oral history, SWIHHP brings people, time periods, spaces, and issues into Kingston’s story and out of the shadow of limestone buildings and celebrated politicians. Read our blog posts, listen to our podcasts, or walk our app walking tour of the inner harbour via