June 13, 2019


4:00 PM - 5:30 PM


Newlands Pavilion in MacDonald Memorial Park
1 King St. E. Kingston,

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June 13, 2019 - 4:00 PM Newlands Pavilion in MacDonald Memorial Park


An intimate act of re-clamation disguised as an audio-guided tour of Queen’s University. Lisa C. Ravensbergen’s performance-ceremony invites an audience to meet outside Mackintosh -Corry Hall to walk together, with each listening to their own personal audio device. The walk concludes in City Park. A re-exploration and understanding of place and meaning.

Route begins at:Newlands Pavilion in MacDonald Memorial Park, 1 King St. E.

We conclude at: The shoreline near KGH at the foot of Lower University Ave & King Street

Please bring: a phone device (or however you describe it), earbuds/ earphones, walking shoes
weather-appropriate dress (show runs rain or shine), audio must be downloaded prior to attendance (and a link).

This performance is dedicated to our father and grandfather/ mishomis:
Chiikishkiy—Walter James Cooke
March 1, 1948 – March 19, 2019


Created and performed by Lisa C. Ravensbergen with Nodin Cooke Ravensbergen

Sound Design by Matt Rogalsky


Chiikiskiy (Walter Cooke)
Miishiken (Vernon Altiman)


Tickets $20 / $15 or included when you purchase a pass valid for June 13th or June 15th
Start Up Passes automatically include tickets for June 13th, public ticket sales are available for June 15th.
Sighted guides available at request, the route is also available beforehand at request. The route is wheelchair accessible, but there are some unevenly paved sections and one steep incline. This performance contains sensitive content, contact Bibi at access@spiderwebshow.ca for details. The walk ends at Breakwater Park and starts at Kingston General Hospital.


MIIGWETCH—NIA:WEN —WITH THANKS (in alphabetical order)

Alejandro Bascope Alipaz
Laura Cameron
Deborah and Walter Cooke
Sebastian DeLine
David Ducklow
Lucia Frangione
Sarah Garton Stanley
Mimi Gellman
Camille Georgeson-Usher
Michelle Girouard
Ella Gonzales
Emily Harmsen
Jay Hindle
Emily Harmsen
Sydney Hart
Sandra Jass
Geraldine King
Miishen King-Trott
Adria Kurchina-Tyson
Christina Maclachan
Emily MacMillan
Carina Magazzeni
Catrina Manakis
Azusa Marumo
Sam McKegney
Christine Moon
Peter Morin
Dorit Naaman
Cecily Nicholson
Laura Philips
Jill Price
James Ravensbergen
Dylan Robinson
Joe Ryan
Daniel Simpson
Lib Spry
Daren Trott
Sam Vint
Michael Wheeler
Keren Zaiontz

Developed with the generous support of our families as well as the Department of Cultural Studies, Queens University, The Agnes Etherington Art Centre, The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts and the Ka’tarohkwi Festival of Indigenous Arts.


Presented in partnership with: