FOLDA Artist Talk – Good Things To Do


Date —

June 3, 2021

Time —

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Location —

FOLDA Livestream


NOTE: Sales will end 12 hours before showtime.

Join SpiderWebShow’s Artistic Director Adrienne Wong in conversation with the artists of FOLDA 2021. Sure to inspire and energize, these discussions will explore artistic practice, collaboration, and digital performance. 

On Thursday June 3rd at 8pm EST, Adrienne will be in conversation with the artists of Good Things To Do. 

The Artist Talk Series will be presented on Zoom with Rev Captions available, and then available for later viewing as part of our StartUp Library. 

About Good Things To Do: 

Blending a dreamy sonic landscape, solitary physical environment, and an unexpected use of technology, Good Things to Do invites participants to place themselves within a dreamscape in which they possess extraordinary powers. This wondrously immersive experience is a meditation on goodness, generosity, and the struggle to stay tender in a world that asks us to be hard. 

The project was originally a live performance/installation incorporating digital design.

Following a COVID-19 pivot, “Good Things to Do” was taken on by Rumble Theatre where the piece has adapted, or perhaps found its form by embracing its digital form, having reached audiences across the country, and well beyond.