June 22, 2018


4:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Performance @ The Grand Theatre

In December 1919, theatre tycoon and self-made millionaire Ambrose Small sold all of his theatres. The next day, he disappeared. This mystery is explored as audiences go behind the curtains of The Grand Theatre, prompted by digital beacons that tell the untold story.

Created by Liam Karry


Sound Design/Audio Engineering by David Parker


Creative Consulting by Rob Morgan


Production Management by Amanda Baker


Playwrighting by Adam Seybold


App Development by Dustin Freeman


About Playlines: Playlines is an Augmented Reality Theatre studio using cutting-edge location technology to create site-specific installations where users make choices by exploring real spaces, encountering real actors, and interacting with fellow visitors. Playlines experiences change the way users look at their surroundings by creating digital layers of story and gameplay.


About Single Thread Theatre: Founded in 2003, the Single Thread Theatre Company uses non-traditional spaces to explore history and culture in innovative ways that immerse audiences in new worlds, in partnership with communities and cultural institutions.

Special Thanks to the City of Kingston and the Staff of the Grand.