Digital + Performance Convening

HowlRound Theatre Commons & foldA

On 12 June 2019 in Kingston, Ontario, HowlRound Theatre Commons and SpiderWebShow Performance and will co-produce a one day Digital + Performance Convening.  This event will kick off foldA. HowlRound’s first Convening to be held outside the US will bring together up to fifty practitioners, curators, and scholars from the U.S. and Canada, working at the intersection of performance and digital technology for a day of discussion that aims to break open assumptions and reveal future possibilities for the art form.

Our goals for the Digital + Performance Convening are to:

  1. Interrogate: Where is digital technology now in the performance landscape? How are we using it? What are the opportunities and challenges therein? Where is it going?
  2. Demonstrate the Value of Digital: Explore what’s working and its potential. Integrate practical applications into the Convening itself.
  3. Exchange: Share knowledge, perspectives, approaches, and concrete tools.

WHAT: Digital + Performance Convening

WHERE: At the Isabel Bader Performing Arts Centre, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

WHEN: Begins at 9AM on Wednesday June 12, 2019. The Convening will run all day, and culminate in a live performance in the evening. Participants should expect to travel to Kingston on Tuesday 11 June, and are invited to take in the foldA programming running between June 13 and 15th as our guests. Participants should expect to travel home on 16 June.

Access: This event will be Live Streamed with closed captions. Captioning is available in the room should it be requested. For additional access support please see here.

Hosted in Partnership with:

Featured Attendees

May Antaki


Brenda Bakker Harger

Carnegie Mellon University

Chantal Bilodeau

The Arctic Cycle

Sage Crump

Complex Movements

Kevin Cunningham

3-Legged Dog Inc.

Jamie Gahlon


Kathryn Hamilton

Sister Sylvester

Anchuli Felicia King

Independent Artist

Caden Manson

Big Art Group, Contemporary Performance Network, Special Effects Festival

Kristin Marting

HERE Arts Center

Ramona Ostrowski


David Saltz

University of Georgia

Wesley Taylor

Complex Movements/Virginia Commonwealth University

Whit MacLaughlin

New Paradise Laboratories

Kristin McWharter

Artist, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

David C. Howse


Sarah Garton Stanley


Mariah Horner

SpiderWebShow/Cellar Door Project

Dillon Yruegas


Adrienne Wong


Michael Wheeler

Dan School of Drama and Music, Queen's University

Vijay Mathew


Jillian Keiley

Artistic Director, NAC English Theatre

Rob Kempson

Director, Box 4901

Jenn Stephenson

Dan School of Drama & Music, Queen's University

JD Stokely

Associate Producer, HowlRound

Wojciech Markowski

Producer, Dream Adoption Society

Anna Camilleri

Artist & Artistic Co-Director, Red Dress Productions

Andrew Burke

Tech Lead, NowHere

Milton Lim

Hong Kong Exile + Theatre Conspiracy

Remy Siu

Creator & Performer, MINE

Conor Wylie

Creator & Performer, MINE

Stephanie Lind

Associate Professor, Dan School of Drama and Music

Gada Jane

Research Associate, The Games Institute

Jax Gill


Cynthia Ling Lee

Post Natyam Collective, University of California at Santa Cruz

Janani Balasubramanian

Public Theater; American Museum of Natural History (Department of Astrophysics)

Colleen Renihan

Dan School of Drama & Music, Queen's University

Tricia Baldwin

Director, Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts

Wayne Ashley

FuturePerfect Creative Studio

Xander Seren

FuturePerfect Creative Studio

Adam Cooper-Terán

Kate Bergstrom

Freelance Director, Member of H0T CLUB + Artistic Director, On The Verge

Miwa Matreyek

Cloud Eye Control

Tali Hinkis


Abigail Vega

Latinx Theatre Commons (LTC)

Charles Douglas

SIRT Centre

John Helliker

Dean, Innovation at Sheridan

Beth Kates

Dr. Andrew Sempere