How to FOLDA (FAQs)

1. Where can I watch FOLDA shows and events? 

You can watch all shows and events* at during the show’s scheduled time. You can find the festival calendar here. All shows that are livestreamed will also appear on the SpiderWebShow Facebook page. 

*A Reason to Gather and the Green Rooms are the only events that require registration to participate. Registration for both of these events will be open until June 10. If you’re in Vancouver, PodPlays are available from June 10-20. If you’re not in Vancouver, there will be a livestreamed Walk Party on Saturday June 13 from 4-5PM EDT. 

2. What timezone is this schedule in? 

All times on this schedule appear in Eastern Daylight Savings time (UTC-4).

3. How do I participate in the Green Rooms? 

There are two ways to experience the Green Rooms:

As a participant (a limited number of participant slots are available) or as a livestream spectator.

If you’d like to experience the Green Rooms as a participant: 

1. Choose which of the Green Rooms events you’d like to participate in. You can sign up for as many events as you’d like (we recommend signing up for and attending as many as possible to get the full experience). HERE is the full schedule. 

2. Sign up for your event HERE.

3. Once you’ve registered, send an email to with “I’d Like to Participate” in the subject line. Make sure to specify which of the eight cities (Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Kingston, Montreal, Halifax, London (UK), or New York City) you’d like to be affiliated with* during Green Rooms.

4. Once your participation has been confirmed, you will be emailed a Zoom participant link.

*You can be from or live nearby said city, or just have a particularly strong affinity or curiosity towards the city.

As a participant, you’ll need a few things: 

1. A stable internet connection. We recommend using an ethernet cable if possible.

2. Headphones with a working microphone.

3. Paper and a pen (or pencil!)

4. A treasured object from the city you signed up for

5. A favourite food or dish from the city you signed up for

6. A collaborative spirit and infectious curiosity

If you’d like to watch, all Green Room events will be available at

4. Where can I have IRL conversations URL?

On Twitter, tweets that use the hashtag #FOLDA will appear on the side panel of the FOLDA livestream page.

If you prefer to use Facebook, like the SpiderWebShow Facebook page and comment in the livestream feed or, on our posts. We’ll have FOLDA members online during each livestream to help answer questions, troubleshoot and talk!

5. I have access needs, what are my options? 

FOLDA has a variety of access options available during the festival, including ASL interpretation, captioning, description and shows that are specifically low-vision friendly. 

You can find full access details HERE. Download the Word Doc Version of the access page HERE

Most of the accessible offerings will be embedded in or linked next to the primary livestream page, but not all. Sign up for FOLDA Access Emails to receive the most up to date access instructions prior to the shows HERE

If you have specific needs or questions on access, email Clayton at

6. How much does FOLDA cost? 

FOLDA is a fully digital and by-donation festival.